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Fresh eggs meet simple ingredients for a satisfying anytime food.

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Omelet Cups For Anytime Satisfaction

Heavenly oven-baked KETO omelet cups are packed with protein and fresh ingredients, so families get everything a healthy body needs. Ready in 90 seconds — so the kids get out the door on time.

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Eggs aren’t just for breakfast.

Small batch omelets moms love.

From the farm to your local market, our small batch omelets keep families full and satisfied from sunrise to sundown.

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Everything but the plate.

Explore our growing variety of small batch egg products, perfect for anywhere, any occasion.


Gluten Free

Honest Ingredients


Ready in Minutes

Healthy and Filling High-Protein Breakfast Foods

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Your Premier Supplier of Egg-Based Food Products

For everywhere on-the-go families go.

Artisan Kitchens is the premier manufacturer of egg-based, all occasion foods for health-conscious and on-the-go consumers.

High-protein omelets and KETO omelet cups deliver delicious satisfaction with every bite.

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Our egg products offer a fresh and filling all-occasion energy boost.

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